Hey I like your blog.. anyway is BackToSchoolGiftCards(.)com legit? My step sister said she got a $500 pizza hut giftcard from FedEx on Friday but I'm skeptical.. You seem smart so tell me what you think.

jesus christ did you say 500 dollars in pizza

I was! But I didn’t lose hope, of course! I still checked every morning to see if they had done something new.

And of course I miss them! They’re like family to me! I don’t just hope they visit, though. I know they will!

I’m flattered.

I’m flattered.

I’m back!

I tried about 2 weeks ago, a couple of anons blew it.

I’m going to try and open the ask box again!!

If I get more anon hate, I’m closing the ask box again, though, so let’s avoid that!!

From the hiding

I shouldn’t be posting gah I know just hold on!
I got an anonymous message saying someone had made another AskVivi and I really want to see it 8I

Could anyone drop me a link in my box? Well you know the whole deal with the “no links”, but you get what I mean.

Alright I’m going, I’m going shhhhhhh 

OOC: Last Post

Hey I’m pretty much inactive, just like almost every other One Piece ask blog up here at the moment.

I’m sorry, but I’ve drifted away from the One Piece fandom, and I don’t have a lot of time to draw things I’m not interested in. I’ve got a lot going on, and I have to teach myself 3 years of art with no help before next school year. 

My main blog is up and running, and I have random things up there, and a fuck ton of Homestuck and just me rambling. My art blog is a little slower, but it’s picking up the pace. 

I’m leaving the blog up, yeah yeah, but I’m well, leaving it. Like a smooth break up you just up and leave and forget about it. Sorry if you’re going to miss it, but it’s not doing anything but collecting dust.

If anyone wants access to the URL and wants to open another Ask Vivi, you can send me a message at my main blog (link in above text), and tell me your deal. I have no problem giving it to you, and hell, I might even appreciate seeing a little love for a less popular character. 

Sayonara, Pirates!

Hi I'm Arfmon

Hi Arfmon

[[ Sorry, I’ve been inactive oh god. Well, my birthday was the 23’d, and my tablet conveniently decided to act funny the day of. I’ll be ordering a new one as soon as I can, but until then, I’ll be sitting here doing nothing. Sorry about that guys!! I hope I’m back soon!]]

Hey Vivi do Princess give birthday wishes to people who draw them?Because I know the amazing artist that draws birthday is tomorrow (well thats what dA says)

((Wait a second the 23d was my birthday.